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Its not every day a mid level band like us gets to open up for a big name like Ryan Adams, but last Thursday was certainly an exception to the rule.  We were called by Ryan Adams management team back in February.  Apparently his manager saw us perform at the Ready Room in St. Louis while he was passing through town and thought we put on a great show.  I have to admit, we did rock the house that night.  Anyway, when he told us that he was Ryan Adam’s manager and he wanted us to open for him at the Ryman in Nashville, we were pretty stunned.

We actually cover a couple Ryan Adams songs and have seen him play live several times.  So needless to say, we were pretty excited about this opportunity.  We had a show booked at the Duck Room on the Loop the night we were supposed to open for Ryan, so without hesitation we cancelled that gig.  I mean come on…who wouldn’t.

We decided to arrive in Nashville in style, so my friend at set us up with a great deal on a stretch limousine.  Maybe this was kind of a cheesy move, but this was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Go big or go home…right?  So we loaded up our gig van and I had my brother drive it down to Nashville.  The limo picked us up from Bill’s house and the party began.  Its a 4 hour trip down to Nashville, so we agreed to wait on the boozing until we got a little closer to Nashville.  Not very rock and roll, but we didnt want to screw this gig up.

We arrived in Nashville and pulled right into the belly of the Ryman in our fancy limousine.  We hopped out and made our way backstage.  There he was.  Ryan was warming up on his acoustic guitar.  It was a very awe struck moment for all of us.  He saw us come in and he put his guitar down and came over to greet us.  He said, “sup fellas?” and walked right past us.  Ok, that was far from amazing, but hey, its rock and roll.

The actual gig flew by.  It felt like we were on stage for 30 seconds, but we actually got to play seven songs.  Not bad for an unknown opening act.  There was a decent crowd in attendance, especially for an opening act and they seemed to be into our music. Ryan gave us a big thumbs up as we headed back stage after our last song.  We were able to watch his whole performance from backstage.  It was a great experience.  After the show, we packed up all of our gear and headed out to the “strip” for a celebration drink…or two.  We had a blast at a local honky tonk and headed back to the limo for a late night ride back to St. Charles.  What a night!!  And the check we received for playing was a real nice touch too…