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Well we decided it was time for an upgrade of our recording studio.  Bill’s basement has served us well in the past, but there was nothing professional about the space.  With our upcoming efforts to record another album, we thought it was a good time to re-do the space.  Plus, we had a huge check burning a hole in our pockets from the Ryan Adams show.

We all got together this past Monday and removed everything from the basement and put in in a Pods storage unit that we rented.  So we crammed several speakers, amps, drums, guitars, keyboards, and all the recording equipment we owned into the POD.  It was a tight fit, but we got everything in there.  From there, we ripped out all of the old carpet and scrapped up all the old, nasty carpet glue.  Luckily, the drywall down in the basement was in good shape, so we were good to go there.  We did a thorough cleaning of all the nooks and crannies and at that point, we were ready for the renovation.

Now neither of us knew a damn thing about interior design and decoration.  Luckily, Mike knew a gal that works for St Charles Designs and she said she would be able to give us a hand at a discounted “friend” price.  She was even able to draw us up a 3-D rendering of what she envisioned the place could look like.  We were all pretty stoked when we saw that.  Metallica would be jealous.  She picked out all the colors for the walls and even gave us some recommendations for furniture.  This place is going to be pimp.

While we were at it, we decided to pick out some new PA sound equipment and a new mixing board at Guitar Center We were ripping through that Ryan Adams money really fast. Ha.

Anyway, stay tuned for the final product.  We think its going to turn out great.